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Law No. 245-IIQ on public procurements.

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This Law provides the economic, legal and organizational bases for public procurement in the Republic of Azerbaijan, establishes principles and rules for the effective and economical use of state procurement funds, and creates a fair, competitive environment for all contractors. The Law applies to the procurement of goods and services delivered in the Republic of Azerbaijan by state enterprises and administrations, as well as enterprises and organizations in which the state share is at least 30 percent at the account of state funds, loans and grants obtained by state and received under state guarantee. The Law specifies that the procurement of foodstuffs for state needs shall be carried out through open tender.
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This Law enters into force on the date of its official publication.
This is a consolidated version, last amended in 2023.
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D vl t sat nalmalar haqq nda Az rbaycan Respublikas n n Qanunu 245-IIQ.