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Ministerial Decree No. 205 on protection of fish and aquatic biological resources in water conservation and coastal zones.

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This Decree sets forth provisions on the implementation of complex measures on the protection of hydrological, hydro-chemical, hydro-biological, sanitary-hygienic, and ecological condition of water conservation zones, with a special emphasis on small streams, lakes, rivers and reservoirs with spawning and wintering places of valuable fish species. Water protection zones are designated by the relevant Ministries for the protection of water resources in compliance with environmental standards, prevention of contamination, pollution and exploitation of surface and underground water, as well as the protection of the habitats of fish and other aquatic biological resources. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has the authority to check fishing vessels, fishing devices and items, as well as the documents of persons violating the provisions of this Decree in order to prevent the harmful effects of negative processes with a precautionary approach.
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