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State Program on the development of industry in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015-2020.

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The State Program on the development of industry is a national policy with a multi-sectoral approach. The timeframe of the Strategy is 5 years between 2015 and 2020. The main aims of the Strategy are (i) modernisation and development of the industry, (ii) increase in export of non-oil industry, (iii) increase competitiveness in industrial production, (iv) expansion of science-based and innovative production, and (v) capacity building for new manufacturing fields.
Competitiveness will be increased in the industrial sector by increasing export capacity, conducting research to determine potential manufacturing fields, promoting standardisation and certification of the industrial enterprises, encouraging the establishment of new regional development centres, special economic zones, production clusters and new industrial enterprises in priority fields, strengthening the industrial capacity at regional level, and by strengthening international cooperation. Industrial enterprises will be supported through improved access to financial resources. Furthermore support will be provided to the industrial enterprises in the fields of marketing and branding activities, implementation of standards and certification, industrial infrastructure development, R&D and information services. Agricultural industry will be developed with the expansion of production of machines, mechanisms and equipment. In order to develop non-oil industry, local and foreign investments will be promoted and public private dialogues will be improved. The potential of the traditional production fields will be increased. New industrial zones will be established according to the potential of local raw materials and the competitive advantages. The new industrial small and medium start-up companies will be enabled to participate in markets. Modern management and corporate management principles will be promoted among industrial enterprises. Application of innovative technologies at the industrial enterprises will be stimulated. The establishment of waste sorting, transportation and processing enterprises will be promoted to ensure environmental protection and sustainability. Links between high, secondary, vocational training institutions, research institutions and industrial enterprises will be strengthened to create skilled workforce.
The Ministry of Economy and Industry shall monitor the implementation of the State Program and report annually to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
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2015 2020.
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The Cabinet of Ministers.
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