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Emergency Management Act Cap. 160A (No. 20 of 2006).

Type of law

This Act lays down rules for effective disaster risk management and reduction through prevention, mitigation and preparedness to lessen the adverse impacts of hazards, within the broad context of sustainable development. Therefore, this Act sets forth provisions on the administration, functions and powers of the Department of Emergency Management; establishment and functions of Emergency Management Advisory Council; preparation of Emergency Management Plan related to disaster preparedness and response, disaster risk reduction and recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction in respect of disasters and other emergencies; establishment and maintenance of an Emergency Operations Centre by the Director of the Department of Emergency Management; obligations of public officers, including EIA; cooperation with the private sectors for emergency management; designation and management of vulnerable areas and critical infrastructure; procedures and principles for the declaration of disaster or other emergency, threatened disaster or other emergency, or hazard alert; management of the National Alert System; application of certain regional treaties; duties and powers of hazard inspectors; establishment of the Emergency Disaster Fund; offences and penalties; and limitation of liability. The Minister may make regulations generally for the purpose of implementing the provisions of this Act.
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An Act to provide for the effective organization and management of disasters and other emergencies in Barbados.
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Entry into force notes
This Act comes into operation on 1st of April, 2007.
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