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Bangladesh Water Act, 2013 (Act No. 14 of 2013).

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This Bangladesh Water Act, consisting of seven Chapters, provides for the right to water when it is used for the purposes of drinking, sanitation and sewage disposal, water control, protection and conservation of water resources. In addition, it regulates land ownership requirements, surface water, etc. are subject to the provisions of this Act on the following matters: water, waste prevention, protection and preservation, the executive committee may issue a protection order against the landlord and the right to use such water without the permission of the competent authority shall not be transferable.
This Act also deals with the creation of the National Water Resources Council, and the Water Executive Committee, establishing their composition, duties and responsibilities, entitled to carry out the following activities: promoting the National Water Policy and National Water Resources Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation; developing and using integrated water resources, balanced water supply, protection and implementation of the water policy; ensuring integrated development of water resources of the National Water Resources Plan providing guidelines; disseminating a variety of data exchange and analysis on water resources; a joint international survey on the river, and its chemical and biological pollution studies, and joint research activities; developing water resources of international rivers, retrieval and distribution activities; training programmes related to water resources in light of international and regional co-operation exchange.
The Government of National Water Policy by the competent authority may include water pricing and other issues relevant to the inclusion of the following matters, namely for the following purposes: use of water for irrigation; actual cost of water extraction and supply; comprehensive use of surface, ground water and rainwater; any other relevant matters considered by the Government in order to control the flow of rivers flooding, based on the Executive Committee survey results, so that any wetland, in the interest of national and local communities, is declared flood controlled zone.
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