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Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980 Act No. 11 of 1980.

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This Act is enacted to provide for the promotion and protection of foreign private investment in Bangladesh.
The Government shall accord fair and equitable treatment to foreign private investment which shall enjoy full protection and security in Bangladesh. The Government may sanction establishment with foreign capital of any industrial undertaking: a. which does not exist in Bangladesh and the establishment whereof, in the opinion of the Government, is desirable; or b. which is not being carried on in Bangladesh on a scale adequate to the economic and social needs of the country; or c. which is likely to contribute to: the development of capital, technical and managerial resources of Bangladesh; or the discovery, mobilisation or better utilisation of the natural resources; or the strengthening of the balance of payment of Bangladesh; or increasing employment opportunities in Bangladesh; or the economic development of the country in any other manner.
The Act further makes provisions, inter alia, for: terms of sanction, repatriation of investment, indemnification.
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