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Local Government (Zila Parishad) Act, 1988 (Act No. 29 of 1988).

Type of law

This Act aims at repealing and re-enacting with some amendments Acts regarding the Zila Parishad, as a local government body at the district level. The Act deals with the following issues: Establishment and maintenance of model agricultural farms; Construction and repair of embankments, supply, storage, and control of water for agricultural purposes; Drainage, water-supply, pavement of streets and other works of public utility; Drinking water drinking is rendered foul or unfit for use; Drinking water use from any source which is suspected to be dangerous for public health, or the use has been prohibited; Watering, bathing or causing to defecate cattle or animals at or near a well or other source of drinking water for the public consumption; Failure by the owner or occupier of any land or building to clean, repair, cover, fill up, or drain off any private well, tank or any other source of water-supply; Popularization of improved methods of agriculture, maintenance of improved agricultural implements and the lending of such implements to cultivators, and the adoption of measures for bringing wasteland under cultivation; Promotion of agricultural credit, agricultural education, and adoption of other measures likely to promote agricultural development; etc.
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An Act to repeal and re-enact with some amendments Acts regarding the Zila Parishad.
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