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Resolution No. 44 of 2011 establishing the National Steering Committee for Biological Diversity.

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Purpose of this Resolution, consisting of 8 articles, is establishing the National Steering Committee for Biological Diversity, headed by the President of the General Authority for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife. The Committee aims at overseeing the preparation and implementation of policies and programs aimed at the preservation of biodiversity and encourage its use in a sustainable manner. It is also responsible for fulfillment of regional and international obligations related to biodiversity and, in particular, for obligations stipulated in bilateral and multilateral agreements. To achieve its objectives, the Committee shall perform, inter alia, the following tasks: prepare, update, review and follow up the implementation of the Strategy and the National Action Plan for Biodiversity; determine the terrestrial and marine sites of high environmental importance; develop guidelines for the selection and management of protected areas; propose mechanisms for strengthening the framework of cooperation and coordination in the field of conservation of biodiversity with other countries and regional and international institutions; propose plans and programs that contribute to improvement of environmental awareness.
Article 5 specifies that the Committee may resort to the collaboration of experienced and competent ministries and other government agencies or related institutions of the civil society to attend meetings without having the right to vote in the Committee's deliberations.
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The Law enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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(44) 2011