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Convention for Co-operation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal environment of the West and Central African Region and protocol.

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This Convention, signed in Abidjan on 23 March 1981 in English, French and Spanish (the three texts being equally authentic) and ratified for Guinea-Bissau by Resolution No. 22/2010 on 12 February 2012, deals with the Co-operation in the Protection and Development of the Marine and Coastal environment of the West and Central African Region and protocol. The Contracting Parties, Conscious of the economic, social and health value of the marine environment and coastal areas of the West and Central African Region, Fully aware of their responsibility to preserve their natural heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations, Recognizing the threat to the marine and coastal environment, its ecological equilibrium, resources and legitimate uses posed by pollution and by the absence of an integration of an environmental dimension into the development process, Realizing fully the need for co-operation among the Contracting Parties in order to ensure sustainable, environmentally-sound development through a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach, Realizing also the need for a carefully planned research, monitoring and assessment programme in view of the scarcity of scientific information on marine pollution in the West and Central African Region, Noting that existing conventions concerning marine pollution do not cover, in spite of the progress achieved, all aspects and sources of marine pollution and do not entirely meet the special requirements of the West and Central African Region.
This Convention shall cover the marine environment, coastal zones and related inland waters falling within the jurisdiction of the States of the West and Central African Region, from Mauritania to Namibia inclusive, which have become Contracting Parties to this Convention under conditions set forth in article 27 and paragraph 1 of article 28 (hereinafter referred to as the Convention area). the Agreement is divided as follows: Article 1 : Geographical coverage Article 2 : Definitions Article 3 : General Provisions Article 4 : General Obligations Article 5 : Pollution from Ships Article 6 : Pollution Caused by Dumping from Ships and Aircraft Article 7 : Pollution From Land-Based Sources Article 8 :Pollution From Activities Relating to Exploration and Exploitation of the Sea-Bed Article 9 : Pollution From or through the atmosphere Article 10 : Coastal erosion Article 11 : Specially Protected Areas Article 12 : Co-Operation in Combating Pollution in cases of emergency Article 13 : Environmental Impact Assessment Article 14 : Scientific And Technological Co-Operation Article 15 : Liability and Compensation Article 16 : Institutional Arrangements Article 17 : Meetings of the Contracting Parties Article 18 : Adoption of Additional Protocols Article 19 : Amendment of the Convention or Protocols Article 20 : Annexes and Amendments to Annexes Article 21 : Rules of Procedure and Financial Rules Article 22 : Reports Article 23 : Compliance Control Article 24 : Settlement of Disputes Article 25 : Relationship between the Convention and its Related Protocols Article 26 : Signature Article 27 : Ratification, Acceptance and Approvals Article 28 : Accession Article 29 : Entry into force Article 30 : Withdrawal Article 31 : Responsibilities of the Depositary.
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Boletim Oficial, I S rie, 2. Supplement, No. 9.
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