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Decree No. 10.000 providing for the National Council of Water Resources.

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This Decree, consisting of 13 articles, provides for the National Council of Water Resources. It establishes composition and duties of the above mentioned Council, as a consultative and deliberative body, part of the Ministry of Regional Development, responsible to perform the following activities: formulate the National Water Resources Policy, pursuant to Law No. 9.433 of 8 January 1997, and art. 2 of Law No. 9.984 of 17 July 2000; promote the articulation of water resources planning with national, regional, state and user sector planning; arbitrate, in the final administrative instance, existing conflicts between state water resources councils; deliberate on projects for the use of water resources; deliberate on issues referred to it by state water councils or river basin committees; analyse proposals to amend pertinent legislation to water resources and to the National Policy of Water Resources; establish complementary guidelines for implementing the National Water Resources Policy, the application of its instruments and the performance of the National Water Resources Management System; approve proposals for the establishment of the Union River Basin Committees and establish general criteria for the elaboration of their internal regulations; monitor the implementation and approve the National Water Resources Plan, etc.
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This Decree enters into force on the date of its publication.
This Decree repeals Decree No. 5.263 of 5 November 2004.
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Decreto n. 10.000 - Disp e sobre o Conselho Nacional de Recursos H dricos.