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Decree No. 11.717 creating the National Trade Facilitation Committee.

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This Decree creates the National Trade Facilitation Committee. The objectives of the Committee are: formulate trade facilitation policies, programmes and measures; and contribute to the implementation of the Agreement on Trade Facilitation, Annex to the Protocol of Amendment to the Constitutive Agreement of the World Trade Organization, promulgated by Decree No. 9.326 of 3 April 3 2018. In particular, the National Trade Facilitation Committee is responsible for: guide actions and support the development of standards aimed at facilitating foreign trade within the national territory, observing the guidelines established by the Strategic Council and the Executive Management Committee of CAMEX; supervise the implementation of actions and programmes aimed at simplifying and rationalizing foreign trade procedures; monitor the impacts of measures relating to trade facilitation in the country; analyze proposals and recommendations for trade facilitation submitted by the Executive Subcommittee, the Cooperation Subcommittee and the Local Trade Facilitation Commissions; forward to the CAMEX Executive Management Committee proposals for recommendations and measures aimed at simplifying and rationalizing foreign trade procedures; monitor the implementation of the commitments contained in the Agreement on Trade Facilitation; promote partnership and cooperation initiatives with bodies and entities on topics related to the facilitation and reduction of bureaucracy in foreign trade, etc.
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This Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.
This Decree repeals Decree No. 10.373 of 26 May 2020.
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Decreto n 11.717 - Disp e sobre o Comit Nacional de Facilita o do Com rcio.