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Decree No. 11.767 establishing the Matopiba Agricultural, Livestock and Agroindustrial Development Plan and its Management Committee.

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This Decree establishes the Matopiba Agricultural, Livestock and Agroindustrial Development Plan (PDA-Matopiba) and its Management Committee, with the purpose of promoting and coordinating public policies aimed at sustainable economic, environmental and social development, based on agricultural, livestock and agroindustrial activities resulting in the improvement of quality of life of the population. The Matopiba region covers geographic micro-regions located in areas that are mostly savannah on the border of the States of Bahia, Maranh o, Tocantins and Piau . The objectives of PDA-Matopiba are: I - guide federal programmes, projects and actions related to agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial activities to be implemented in its area of coverage; and II - promote the harmonization of existing federal programmes, projects and actions, observing the following guidelines: a) agricultural development based on agro-environmental sustainability and territorial management; b) development and increase in the efficiency of logistics infrastructure related to agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial activities; and c) expansion and strengthening of agriculture, livestock and family agribusiness.
The Decree also establishes the PDA-Matopiba Management Committee (CGPDA-Matopiba), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. CGPDA-Matopiba is responsible for: I - approve the PDA-Matopiba; II - monitor the implementation, execution and effectiveness of PDA-Matopiba; III - promote coordination between public bodies and entities and civil society organizations, with the purpose of implementing PDA-Matopiba programmes, projects and actions in an efficient and effective manner; IV - periodically evaluate the execution of PDA-Matopiba; V - review and propose updates to the PDA-Matopiba; VI - prepare an annual report on the execution and effectiveness of the PDA-Matopiba; It is VII - establish technical groups to implement the PDA-Matopiba and promote debates on sectoral policies.
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This Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.
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Decreto N 11.767 - Disp e sobre o Plano de Desenvolvimento Agropecu rio e Agroindustrial do Matopiba e institui o seu Comit Gestor.