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Law No. 11.671 approving the Participatory Multi-Year Plan (PPA) of the State of Rio Grande do Norte for 2024-2027.

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This Law establishes the Participatory Multi-Year Plan (PPA) of the State of Rio Grande do Norte for 2024-2027. The Participatory PPA 2024-2027 has the following guiding principles: I - society as an integral part of the government planning cycle; II - territory as a space for social agreements and the promotion of development; III - ethics, transparency and social control in public actions; IV - efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness in the provision of public services; and V - integrated management with a focus on results. The PPA, improved in the mechanisms of social listening, territory and cross-cutting issues of governmental action, is organized into the following dimensions: I - strategic: the Government's Strategic Vision for the period, the priority focuses and the Strategic Axes that define the main lines of government action; and II - tactics: the Thematic Programmes, connected to the Strategic Dimension, and their respective areas: Indicators, Guidelines, General Objectives, Specific Objectives and Deliveries; and the State Management, Maintenance and Services Programmes.
The Law includes: I - annex with the socioeconomic diagnosis of Rio Grande do Norte; II - annex of the Thematic Programmes of the Multi-Year Plan 2024-2027, separated by axis; III - annex to the Management, Maintenance and Services Programme for the State; IV - annex of Goals and Priorities for the 2024 financial year; V - annex of Transversal Agendas.
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Lei n. 11.671 - Institui o Plano Plurianual Participativo (PPA Participativo) do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte para o quadri nio 2024-2027 e d outras provid ncias.