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Law No. 14.821 creating the National Policy of Decent Work and Citizenship for the Homeless Population (PNTC PopRua).

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This Law creates the National Policy for Decent Work and Citizenship for the Homeless Population (PNTC PopRua), aimed at promoting the human rights of homeless people to work, income, professional qualifications and increased education. Homeless population is considered to be the heterogeneous population group that has in common the lack of housing and the use of public places as their livelihood, as well as institutional reception units for occasional or temporary overnight stays. The principles of PNTC PopRua are: I - respect for the dignity of the human person; II - appreciation and respect for life and citizenship; III - establishment of decent working conditions; IV - articulation between work, education and development; V - environmental sustainability; VI - humanized and universalized care; VII - social participation and control; VIII - right to family life and seeking community integration; IX - transparency in the execution of programs and actions and in the application of resources allocated to them; X - respect for social conditions and differences of origin, race, age, nationality and religion, with special attention to people with disabilities or comorbidities and single-parent families with children; XI - promotion of equal opportunities and non-discrimination.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication.
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Lei N 14.821 - Institui a Pol tica Nacional de Trabalho Digno e Cidadania para a Popula o em Situa o de Rua (PNTC PopRua).