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Law No. 14.904 establishing guidelines for the preparation of climate change adaptation plans and amending Law No. 12.114 of 9 December 2009.

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This Law establishes guidelines for the preparation of climate change adaptation plans, with the aim of implementing measures to reduce vulnerability and exposure to risks in environmental, social, economic and infrastructure systems in the face of the current and expected adverse effects of climate change, based on Law 12.187 of 29 December 2009 on the National Policy on Climate Change (PNMC). These adaptation plans will establish measures to include climate change risk management in existing sectoral and thematic plans and policies and in any level of development strategies and integrated with measures to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
The guidelines for climate change adaptation plans are: assessment and prioritization of measures to deal with natural disasters and reduce the vulnerability of environmental, social, economic and infrastructure systems in rural and urban areas, as well as the current and expected adverse effects of climate change at local, municipal, state, regional and national levels; the management and reduction of climate risk in the face of the adverse effects of climate change, in order to estimate, minimize or avoid losses and damage and to plan and prioritise the coordinated management of investments, based on the degree of vulnerability, as defined by the PNMC; the establishment of economic, financial and socio-environmental public policy instruments that ensure the viability and effectiveness of adapting environmental, social, economic and critical infrastructure systems; integration between mitigation and adaptation strategies at any level, in line with the commitments made in the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, through the Nationally Determined Contribution; preparation of studies to analyse climate risks and vulnerabilities; encouraging the agricultural sector to adapt to the Sectoral Plan for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change for the Consolidation of a Low Carbon Economy in Agriculture (ABC Plan), linked to investment in research, development and innovation or in environmentally appropriate and economically sustainable practices, processes and technologies; the adoption of nature-based solutions as part of adaptation strategies, etc.
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Lei n 14.904 - Estabelece diretrizes para a elabora o de planos de adapta o a mudan a do clima; altera a Lei n 12.114, de 9 de dezembro de 2009; e d outras provid ncias.