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Law No. 1.930 establishing the Tourism Policy of the State of Roraima,.

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This Law creates the Tourism Policy of the State of Roraima. Its guiding principles are: innovation, quality, integration, the establishment of partnerships, democratization, competitiveness, the diffusion of knowledge, decentralization and regionalization of tourism actions, productive inclusion and social and sustainable socioeconomic development. The objectives of the Tourism Policy are: increase tourist flows in the State; reduce social and economic inequalities, promoting social inclusion and better income distribution through tourist activities; stimulate the creation, dissemination and consolidation of products and tourist destinations in the State, aiming to attract tourists; encourage the practice of sustainable tourism in natural areas, promoting the low impact activity according to environmental conservation; decentralize and regionalize tourism, encouraging Municipalities to plan, organize and supervise tourist activities in a sustainable way, promoting the participation of communities benefiting from tourist activities; encourage the implementation of tourist enterprises; develop, organize and promote the various tourist segments; increase the flow of tourists from Roraima to the State's municipalities, etc.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication.
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Lei n. 1.930 - Institui a Pol tica de Turismo do Estado de Roraima e d outras provid ncias.