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Law No. 4.350 creating the State Policy of Incentive to Agroindustry.

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This Law creates the State Policy for Incentives to Agro-industries, with the objective of promoting: the creation of new agro-industrial enterprises; the regularization of informal agro-industries; and the agro-industrial competitiveness of the State of Tocantins. Agroindustry is the segment of the production chain aimed to transforming raw materials from agriculture, livestock, aquaculture and forestry into semi-industrialized or industrialized products. The principles and guidelines of the State Agribusiness Incentive Policy are: I - economic, social and environmental sustainability of rural production chains; II - reducing regional disparities by encouraging the establishment of agro-industries in regions that are not suitable for them; III - generation of employment and income at local level; IV - increase in work productivity; V - innovation, modernization and technological development; VI - health and food safety; VII - reducing bureaucracy and simplifying administrative procedures; VIII strengthening production chains; IX - appreciation of local culture and identities; and X - induction to entrepreneurship.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication.
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Lei n. 4.350 - Institui a Pol tica Estadual de Incentivo s Agroind strias.