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Plant Protection Regulations (S.I. 58 of 2009).

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These Regulations implement provisions of the Plant Protection Act with respect to, among other things: duty to declare plants; prohibition of certain plants; application for an import permit or certificate; power to attach conditions to a permit; exemption; issue of phytosanitary certificate; issue of a phytosanitary certificate of re-export; obligations of an import permit holder. A person entering Botswana with a plant or plant product shall declare any such plant or plant product to a plant inspector. Importation of plants listed in the First Schedule to these Regulations is prohibited. The Chief Plant Protection Officer shall have the powers to attach conditions to importation of plants or plants product listed in the Second and Third Schedule to these Regulations. Plant and plant products listed in the Fourth Schedule to these Regulations are exempt from the requirement of an import permit or certificate and shall only be subject to inspection on arrival into Botswana.
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