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Land Title Inquiry Act ([SBC 2004] Chapter 66).

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This Act regulates land title inquiries for fee simple titles, for interests in land, or for government title to land. Inquiries may be initiated on application by the interested party to the Supreme Court in the form of a petition (sects. 1 and 2). In case of a contest of title etc., the Court may either decide on the evidence before it, direct any issue to be tried by a jury or defer the declaration until further investigation (sect. 17). A model for an order of the Court containing a declaration of title is specified in section 23. Court declaration orders must be registered with the land title office of the relevant land title district and shall as such be conclusive evidence of title (sect. 27).
Date of consolidation/reprint
The present Act, in this version of RSBC 1996, is current to 30 November 2016 and last amended on 1 July 2010.
Publication reference
Revised Statutes and Consolidated Regulations of British Columbia.
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