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06 Apr 2000
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International court
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European Court of Human Rights
E. Palm, E.
L. Wildhaber, L.
A. Pastor Ridruejo, A.
J. Makarczyk, J.
Kuris, P.
Türmen, R.
J.-P. Costa, J.-P.
Tulkens, F.
Strážnická, V.
Fischbach, M.
Butkevych, V.
Casadevall, J.
Zupancic, B.
Greve, H.S.
Baka, A.B.
Maruste, R.
Botoucharova, S.
Mahoney, P.J.
air pollution (non-stationary sources), air pollution (stationary sources), chemical, environmental standard, hazardous substance, hazardous waste, industrial waste, licence, radioactive contamination, radioactive waste

Athanassoglou and the other applicants lived close to a nuclear power plant in Switzterland. The plant got an extension of its operating period. The Court discussed whether there was a "dispute" over a "civil right" concerning the persons living close to the plant, but found both articles not applicable. The applicants had failed to show that the operation of the power plant had exposed them personally to a danger that was not only serious but also specific and, above all, imminent. The majority added (see paragraph 48 of the judgment) that the applicants arguments had to be sufficiently tenable.