Data source
Date of text
19 Sep 2006
Seat of court
San José
Type of text
International court
Court name
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Sergio García Ramírez, President
Alirio Abreu Burelli, Vice President
Antônio A. Cançado Trindade, Judge
Cecilia Medina Quiroga, Judge
Manuel E. Ventura Robles, Judge,
Diego García-Sayán, Judge

 The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights submitted the application for the Court to declare that the State of Chile was responsible for the violation of the rights embodied in Articles 13 (Freedom of Thought and Expression) and 25 (Right to Judicial Protection) of the American Convention, in relation to the obligations established in Articles 1(1) (Obligation to Respect Rights) and 2 (Domestic Legal Effects) thereof, to the detriment of Marcel Claude Reyes, Sebastián Cox Urrejola and Arturo Longton Guerrero