Data source
Date of text
15 Apr 2005
Seat of court
Ningde City, Fujian Province
Original language

Chinese, Simplified

Type of text
National - higher court
Reference number
No. 1 (2003), First Instance, Civil Division, Ningde [ (2003) 宁民初字第1号]
Court name
Ningde Intermediate People’s Court
Zheng Zhiqiang
Wu Jialin
Xu Liangzhong
air pollution, Air quality, chemical, environmental damage, Pollution, sustainable use, Waste management

In this case, the plaintiffs are a collective of villagers from Xiping, Houlong and Xiadi villages complaining that the Rongping chemical factory was responsible for, environmental degradation, crop damages and for an increased in the number of cancer in the region.

In 2002 the case was brought in front of the Nindge Intermediate People’s Court. The plaintiffs required that the court order the Fujian Rongpings Chemicals to close its factory, clean the side and nearby ecosystems and compensate the damages made to their crops and their health. The court ruled that the causality link between the pollution and the damages was established and followed the demands of the plaintiffs ordered the closure of the factory and the compensation of the villager. An appeal was brought in front of the Higher Court who upheld the judgement of the Nindge Intermediate People’s Court.

(Contribution: Case provided by Professor Tianbao QIN, Tang HE, and Han GAO, Research Institute of Environmental Law, Wuhan University, China)