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Administrative Measures for Inspection and Quarantine of Live Poultry for Supplying to Hong Kong and Macao.

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The aim of the Measures is to strengthen the inspection and quarantine of live poultry to be supplied to Hong Kong and Macao, prevent the spread of animal infectious diseases and parasitic diseases, so as to ensure the hygiene and food safety of live poultry for Hong Kong and Macao. The Measures consist of 39 Articles divided into 5 Chapters: General matters; Registration; Supervision and administration; Inspection and quarantine; Supplementary provisions.
The term "live poultry for Hong Kong and Macao" as mentioned in these Measures refers to chickens, ducks, geneses, pigeons, quails, quails and other poultry supplied from the Mainland to the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions for slaughter and consumption. The National Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau shall uniformly manage the inspection and quarantine work and supervision and management of live poultry for Hong Kong and Macao throughout the country.
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