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Administrative Measures on Quarantine of Entry Cultivation Medium.

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These Measures are enacted in accordance with the "Entry-Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Law" and its implementing regulations, aiming to prevent plant pests from entering the country with imported cultivation media. The Measures consist of 19 articles divided into 5 Chapters: General matters; Quarantine examination and approval; entry quarantine; Quarantine supervision and administration; Supplementary provisions.
The National Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau shall uniformly administer the quarantine examination and approval of the country's entry cultivation media. The entry and exit inspection and quarantine agencies set up by the State Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in various places shall be responsible for the quarantine and supervision of the entry cultivation medium in the areas under their jurisdiction. Entities that use imported media must apply in advance, and should go through quarantine approval formalities before the signing of trade contracts or agreements.
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