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Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of Japan on environmental protection cooperation.

Type of law

This Agreement, consisting of 9 Articles, aims to promote cooperation between the Parties on environmental protection. The bilateral cooperation shall be on the basis of equality and mutual benefits. With this Agreement, the Parties intend to develop cooperation in several fields, such as: (a) prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and acid rain; (b). prevention and control of water pollution; (c). hazardous waste disposal; (d). the impact of environmental pollution on human health; (f). improvement of urban environment; (g). protection of the ozone layer; (h) prevention of global warming; (i). protection of the natural ecological environment and biodiversity. The Agreement shall remain in force for a period of two years, automatically renewable for equal and successive periods.
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Entry into force notes
This Agreement enters into force on 20 March 1994.
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