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Anhui Province Food Safety Regulations.

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These Regulations are formulated to ensure food safety, public life safety and physical health.
The Regulations consists of 6 Chapters: General Provisions; Food Production and Business Operation; Food Safety Supervision and Management; Information Disclosure and Social Supervision; Legal Liability; Supplementary Provisions.
The Regulations governs the production, business operation, use, storage, transportation, and safety management activities of food, food additives, and food related products within the administrative region of Anhui province. The market sales of edible agricultural products and the disclosure of relevant safety information shall comply with the relevant provisions of these Regulations. Section 2 of Chapter 2, in particular, provides for production and business operation of small food workshops, small restaurants, and food vendors. To engage in food production activities, a food production license must be obtained in accordance with the law. To engage in food sales and catering service activities, a food business license must be obtained in accordance with the law.
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