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Decree No. 83 of the State Administration for Market Regulation Promulgating the Measures for Promoting Standardization of Enterprises.

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These Measures, consisting of 36 Articles, are formulated to guide enterprises to strengthen standardization work, enhance their standardization level, and improve the quality of products and services.
Articles 7 to 13 provide for the formulation of enterprise standards, mainly stipulating the principles, formulation procedures, intellectual property rights, joint formulation of enterprise standards, testing methods, and numbering rules. Enterprises are encouraged to integrate industry chain, supply chain, and innovation chain resources and jointly formulate corporate standards. Articles 14 to 16 provide for enterprise standard self-declaration, including the content, subject and time of disclosure, and channels of disclosure. The Measures further makes provisions for: the requirements for promoting enterprise standardization work, international cooperation, supervision and inspection, etc.
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