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Joint Statement of Cooperation on Sustainable Forest Management, Combating Desertification and Wildlife Conservation.

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On sustainable forest management, the three countries recognized that sustainable forest management is the perpetual theme in ecological improvement and the pursuit of sustainable development, and facilitates efforts to tackle climate change, conserve biodiversity and promote green growth among the three countries. It is necessary for the three countries to strengthen and deepen the cooperation on sustainable forest management.
On combating desertification, the three countries will continue their close cooperation, implement the agreements reached at the UNCCD COP 10, and make full use of and develop the existing cooperative frameworks to further the exchanges and cooperation in desertification control, promote the restoration and regeneration of forest and grass vegetation, sustainable land management and resource utilization, and facilitate dust and sand storms (DSS) prevention and control in the Northeast Asian region.
On wildlife conservation, the three countries decided to enhance information sharing in the areas of the rehabilitation and conservation of endangered species and their habitats, and to explore the possibility of related cooperative programs to advance joint efforts. They confirmed that it is desirable to facilitate mutual cooperation and technology exchanges for crested ibis restoration and migratory bird conservation among the three countries which are closely interconnected in terms of climate and geography.
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