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Measures for the Safety Administration of Imported and Exported Foods.

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The Purpose of these Measures is to guarantee the safety of imported and exported food and protect the life and health of human beings, animals and plants. The Text consists of 63 Articles divided into 6 Chapters: General provisions; Imported Food; Exported food; Risk early warning; Legal liabilities; Supplementary provisions.
The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) shall be responsible for the safety supervision and administration of imported and exported food across the country. The SAQSIQ shall apply a registration system to overseas enterprises producing imported food, apply a filing management system to exporters and agents exporting food into China, conduct inspections on imported food, apply a filing management system to enterprises producing exported food, apply a filing management system to the planting and breeding farms of raw materials for exported food, conduct oversight and sampling inspection of exported food, manage imported and exported food by classification, and conduct good faith management of producers and dealers of imported and exported food (art.4). If the examination and approval formalities for quarantine of imported animals and plants are required for the import of food, the food may be imported only after the Quarantine Permit for Imported Animals and Plants of the People's Republic of China is obtained. (art.10). A risk early warning system shall be applied to imported and exported food (art.41)
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These Measures enter into force on 1 March 2012.
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