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Decree-Law No. 29/2023 establishing the Regime for Commercial Fishing Licensing and fees for carrying out commercial fishing activities and related fishing operations.

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This Decree-Law establishes the Commercial Fishing Licensing Regime and fees for carrying out commercial fishing activities and related fishing operations, within the scope of the exercise of industrial artisanal and sport fishing activities, and Decree-Law No. 48/2015 of 21 September amending fees, under the General Regime for the management of fishing activities in national maritime waters and on the high seas, approved by Legislative Decree No. 2/2020 of 19 March. It applies to commercial fishing vessels, including types of fishing classified as industrial, semi-industrial and artisanal, under the terms of general law. It also applies to foreign industrial vessels under the terms of the law, unless otherwise provided for in the contract and fishing agreements. In addition, it applies to related fishing activities as determined in the general fisheries law, in particular transshipment operations. The fishing licence is the mandatory administrative act for access to commercial fishing. Commercial fishing, without a fishing licence, is classified as illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.
Commercial fishing licensing aims to ensure the sustainable, responsible and transparent management of fisheries resources. Licensed fishing vessels must carry out fishing activities adopting ethical, transparent and socially and environmentally responsible behaviour. In addition, licensed fishing vessels must adopt prevention and control measures with a view to eliminating and reducing risks that may affect people, property and possible accidents, ensuring safety and health conditions at work, maritime safety and the application of environmental standards.
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This Decree-Law enters into force on the day after its publication.
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Boletim Oficial, S rie I, No. 113, 31 October 2023.
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Decreto-lei n. 29/2023: Estabelece o Regime de Licenciamento da Pesca Comercial e das taxas para exerc cio da atividade da pesca comercial e realiza o de opera es conexas de pesca.