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Resolution No. 96/2021 approving the Programme for mitigating the results of the 2021/2022 agricultural year, its budget, as well as the schedule for its implementation.

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This Resolution approves the Programme for mitigating the results of the 2021/2022 agricultural year, its budget, as well as the schedule for its implementation. The Programme consists of three major measures: a) Measure I - Reinforcement of agroforestry production capacity - Maintenance of production capacity, in the amount of 25 million escudos; b) Measure II - Mobilization and water management, in the amount of 25 million escudos); and c) Measure III - Public Jobs in Municipalities, in the amount of one 120 million escudos. d) The actions provided for in measures I and II are carried out under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, while the implementation of measure III on the creation of jobs in municipalities is ensured by the respective municipal chambers. e) The action provided for in measure III of article 1 is implemented through sustainable public infrastructure of collective interest, subject to quantification and verification, with a positive impact on the quality of the environment and on the well-being of citizens.
The general objective of the Programme is to contribute to increasing resilience and adaptation to climate change, by strengthening the capacity to prevent and manage crisis situations arising from droughts and other extreme natural events, consolidating the country's sustainable development efforts in socio-economic, and environmental spheres. Its specific objectives are: Strengthen the mobilization of drinking water to improve its supply to the population and to agriculture, especially in the areas most affected by the reduction of water levels in aquifers and by water stress. Ensure conditions for the maintenance of production systems in the field of agriculture and livestock, making them more adapted to new agro-ecological conditions, especially with regard to water management for irrigation, feed for livestock and control of pests and diseases. Strengthen the resilience of rural communities, guaranteeing the income and food security conditions of the families most affected by the drought.
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This Resolution enters into force on the day after its publication.
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Boletim Oficial, I S rie, No. 102.
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Resolu o n. 96/2021 - Aprova o Programa de mitiga o dos resultados do ano agr cola de 2021/2022, o respetivo or amento, bem como o cronograma da sua implementa o.