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Decree on food requirements for which advertising is allowed and which can be offered for sale at schools.

Type of law

This Decree regulates requirements for food for which advertising is allowed and which can be offered for sale at schools, and also specifies exceptions when, in justified cases, it may be offered for sale of foodstuffs which do not meet these requirements. Such foodstuffs must meet requirements set out in the Annex and must not: (a) contain sweeteners except chewing gums free of sugar or caffeine if it is not for tea and non-alcoholic beverages with tea extracts; (b) contain trans fatty acids derived from partially stiffened fats; (c) be an energizing or stimulating drink or food intended for athletes or persons with increased physical performance. Additionally, the following foodstuffs are allowed: (a) unprocessed fruits and unprocessed vegetables which means fruit and vegetables which have not undergone any modification resulting in substantial change; (b) fruit and vegetable juices and nectars without added sugar.
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Entry into force notes
This Decree enters into force on 20 September 2016.
Serial Imprint
Collection of Laws No. 282/2016
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Vyhl ka o po adavc ch na potraviny, pro kter je p pustn reklama a kter lze nab zet k prodeji a prod vat ve kol ch a kolsk ch za zen ch.