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National Reform Programme of the Czech Republic 2020.

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The 2020 National Reform Programme of the Czech Republic is a strategic document of the Government of the Czech Republic in the field of economic and social policy. Its objective is to formulate key measures leading to prosperity and sustainable growth. The measures presented stem from the government's programme priorities and are tied into the Czech Republic 2030 strategic framework and other conceptual documents at the national level.
Aside from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the national priorities, the government also reflects the long-term European framework, an important part of which is the European Green Deal submitted by the European Commission for achieving, in addition to a sustainable and circular economy, climate neutrality by 2050. The government views the European Green Deal as an ambitious strategy for sustainable growth that presents opportunities as well as great challenges for many sectors. The structure of the present Programme takes into account four key dimensions of the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020 set out by the European Commission: macroeconomic stability, fairness, productivity and sustainability.
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N rodn program reforem R na rok 2020.