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Regulation on sustainability criteria for biofuels and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fuels.

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This Regulation of the Government, which is composed of 13 articles and six Annexes, implements the relevant European Union regulations and lays down sustainability criteria for biofuels and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fuels. The present Regulation regulates: (a) sustainability criteria for biofuels; (b) the basic value of the production of greenhouse gas emissions for fossil fuels; (c) the method of calculating the greenhouse gas emissions from transport fuels and electricity for transport purposes; (d) the content of the emission report; (e) requirements for biofuels having the low impact on indirect change of land use; (f) conditions for verifying the reduction of emissions from mining; (g) the quality system requirements and the mass balance system ensuring the fulfillment of the sustainability criteria; (h) the particulars of certificates; (i) requirements for declaration of compliance with the sustainability criteria; (j) the content of the document on the reduction of mining emissions. Biofuels meet sustainability criteria if: (a) provide savings of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with par. 3; (b) biomass used for their production meets requirements set out in par. 4a; (c) biomass used to produce biofuel was grown in accordance with the requirements and standards specified in the common rules for direct support schemes under the common agricultural policy of the European Union.
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This Decree enters into force on 1 September 2018.
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Collection of Laws No. 189/2018
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Na zen vl dy o krit ri ch udr itelnosti biopaliv a sni ov n emis sklen kov ch plyn z pohonn ch hmot.