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Agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of Mongolia on cooperation in natural resources, industry and technology sector.

Type of law

The present Agreement regulates the cooperation of the contracting parties in the field of exploration, exploitation and processing of minerals and mineral raw materials in accordance with the respective national legislation. In particular, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany shall grant a credit to Mongolia to improve, inter alia, the general economic conditions with a view to mining. Moreover, Germany shall, among other things,: establish business contacts, advice on promoting investment, make available know-how for raw material processing and innovations, advice on resource and energy efficiency, promote cooperation in research, support introduction of international standards in mining and draw up relevant legislation, run management training courses. The text consists of 9 articles as follows: Sphere of application (1), Aims and priorities of cooperation (2); Principles of cooperation (3); Agreement of cooperation activities (4); Companies and trade associations (5); Benefits and obligations of the parties (6); German-Mongolian Government Working Group on cooperation in the field of raw materials (7); German-Mongolian Economic Committee (8); Final clauses (9),
Date of text
Serial Imprint
Bundesgesetzblatt, Part II, No. 9, 3 April 2012, pp. 246-249.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Abkommen zwischen der Regierung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der Regierung der Mongolei ber Zusammenarbeit im Rohstoff-, Industrie- und Technologiebereich.