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Beef Carcass Trade Class Ordinance.

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The Regulation implements provisions in Annex IV Part A and Annex VII Part I of Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 regarding classification of commercial class of cattle. The Regulation provides for slaughtering regulations for the beef carcass treatment and classification. The Regulation provides for the labelling requirements containing information on category designation, meatiness class and fat class digit. Data processing are conducted in accordance to Market Organisation Act. The Regulation further provides on administrative offences and monitoring requirements. Article 5 is deleted. The Regulation consists of 6 Articles and 1 Appendix as follow: Legal trade grades and categories for beef carcasses (1); Classification in commercial classes (2); Labelling (3); Data processing and data transmission (3a); Administrative Offences (4); Article (5) is deleted; Monitoring, toleration and information obligations (6).
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Ordinance on Statutory Trade Classes and Categories for Beef Carcasses.
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This Ordinance come comes into force on 19.11.2008.
Consolidated version of the Beef Carcass Trade Class Ordinance as last amended by the Article 4 of the Regulation of 10 March 2022 (BGBI. I p. 428).
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Legislation Amendment
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Verordnung ber gesetzliche Handelsklassen und Kategorien f r Rinderschlachtk rper (Rinderschlachtk rper-Handelsklassenverordnung - RindHKlV).