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Law Amending the Organic Farming Law and the Organic Labelling Law.

Type of law

The Law provides for implementation of the new EU regulations with regard to organic production, labelling of ecological and biological products, official controls on activities to ensure application of food and feed law and the animal health, welfare regulation, plant health and plant protection products. The Law verifies the control procedure and responsible authorities for violations. The Law consists provision for operations in communal catering facilities and control of products in catering commercial activities. The Law provides also provision on organic labelling and packaging of products based on the new regulations of EU. The Law consists of 4 Articles (1) Amendment of the Organic farming Act; (2) Amendment of the organic labelling Act; (3) Publication permission; (5) Entry into Force.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Law comes into force on 1 January 2022.
Serial Imprint
BGBI 2021, Part I, Nr. 49, pp.3176 - 3181.
Source language


Legislation Amendment
Original title
Gesetz zur nderung des ko-Landbaugesetzes und des ko-Kennzeichengesetzes.