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Regulation on Strengthening Organisations and Supply Chains in the Agricultural Sector.

Type of law

The Act defines the agricultural organisations, the producer organisations and the industry associations and the relevant criteria for their recognition and duties that they should undertake in accordance with the antitrust regulations. The Act provides provisions on the notifications that should be made in the event of serious imbalance in the market. Specific regulations are made regarding industry agreements, announcements and notifications in the milk and sugar product's sectors and also in the field of agricultural ethyl alcohol in the position of raw alcohol materials. Competent authorities should notify the Federal Agency regarding their activities. The Act further provides for complaints procedure in case of infringement of the Agricultural Organisations and Supply Chain Act.
This Act consists of 4 Parts, 10 Sections and 35 Articles as follow: Part 1 Agricultural Organisation; Part 2 Business relations in the food supply chain; Part 3 Supervisory powers; obligations to tolerate and cooperate; administrative offences and Part 4 Transitional and final provisions. The Sections are General Provisions (1); Producer organisations and their associations (2); Industry associations (3); Generally bindings (4); Agreements and resolutions in case of serious imbalances on the markets (5); Dual membership; notifications by the cartel authority (6); Special provisions for the sugar products sector (7); Special provisions for the milk and milk products sector (8); Special provisions for the agricultural ethyl alcohol product sector (9); Monitoring, notifications (10). The Act is followed by one Appendix covering 2 additional parts 1. Additions to product areas and 2. Other product areas.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Different parts of the Act comes into force on different dates according to Article 35.
Serial Imprint
Bundesgesetzblatt year 2021, Part I, No.73 , issued in Bonn 18 October 2021 pp.4655-4666.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Verordnung zur St rkung der Organisationen und Lieferketten im Agrarbereich (Agrarorganisationen-und-Lieferketten-Verordnung-AgrarOLkV).