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Act on environmental assessment of plans and programs (No. 4 of 2023).

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This Act aims at ensuring a high level of environmental protection which can contribute to integrating environmental measures into the preparation and adoption of plans and programs promoting sustainable development. For this scope to take effect, environmental assessment is carried out on significant effects on the environment caused by factors such as biodiversity, population, human health, flora, fauna, soil, land, water, air, climatic factors , material assets, landscape, cultural heritage, natural disaster risks and accidents. The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark shall regulate this Act and coordinate the required procedures for said environmental assessment of projects which may impact international protected areas and protected species.
The Act consists of 20 Chapters divided into V Sections: Purpose and scope (I); Environmental Assessment of plans and programs (II); Environmental Assessment of specific projects (III); Designation of authorities, consultation, publication (IV); Administrative provisions, penalties, entry into force (V).
Appendix 1 - Projects covered by section 15, subsection 1, No. 1. Appendix 2 - Projects covered by 16. Appendix 3 - Criteria for determining the likely significance of the impact on the environment referred to in 10. Appendix 4 - Information referred to in 12. Appendix 5 - Information as referred to in 19, subsection 1, no. 1 (Information from the client about the projects listed in Appendix 2). Appendix 6 - Selection criteria referred to in 21. Appendix 7 - Information as referred to in 20, subsection 1 (Information for the environmental impact assessment report).
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16 May 2017.
This Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.Consolidated version of the Act on environmental assessment of plans and programs No. 316 of 2004.
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Lov om milj vurdering af planer og programmer og af konkrete projekter (VVM).