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Order No. 1171 on the reporting of information concerning dangerous goods by vessel-reporting system BELTREP.

Type of law

The Order sets rules with regard to the reporting of dangerous goods for vessel-reporting system BELTREP. When entering BELTREP area, and upon arrival at or departure from a port or anchorage in the BELTREP area, the vessel-reporting system BELTREP shall be used in accordance with resolution MSC. 332 (90) adopted on 22 May 2012 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The operative area where BELTREP is applied (the BELTREP area) includes the central and northern part of Storeb lt and waters around Hatter Barn in Sams B lt (see Appendix 1). Vessels passing through BELTREP area are subject to report via the BELTREP system if they are of a min. gross tonnage of 50 tons, and that they measure min. 15 meters in height above the water surface. The Order includes reporting with systems such as: Great Belt Vessel Traffic Service; the international IGC, IMDG, IBC and IMBSC codes.
Appendix 1 - BELTREP area.
Appendix 2 - Danish exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and BELTREP area.
Appendix 3 - Contact information and assigned VHF channels for sectors in the mandatory vessel-reporting system "BELTREP".
Appendix 4 - Drafting of reports for mandatory vessel reporting system "BELTREP".
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Entry into force notes
11 October 2013.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om indberetning af oplysninger om farligt gods via skibsmeldesystemet BELTREP.