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Order No. 1236 on donor animals and import/export of breeding material.

Type of law

This Order sets regulations for semen collection, storage centers thereof, embryo collection and production teams collecting and handling such reproductive material (semen, ova and embryos) of equine, ovine and caprine species, as well as ova and embryos of pigs. Veterinarian inspections shall be implemented to ensure safety of import and export of breeding material and animal non-food products. The exporters of sperm, eggs or embryos from Denmark to third countries shall ensure that this is done in accordance with the recipient country's official import requirements. Official import requirements of the recipient country shall be submitted to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for obtaining a veterinary certification issued by Danish Food Authorities.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 2016.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om donordyr og ind- og udf rsel af avlsmateriale.