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Order No. 126 on subsidies for electricity produced by certain photovoltaic and other renewable energy other than wind turbines.

Type of law

This Order sets regulations with regard to the price supplement (articles 43a, 44-46, 47, sections 2-3, 9 and 48 of Act on Promotion of Renewable Energy) for electricity produced from renewable energy sources other than wind energy, including biogas, biomass, hydro, wave and solar power. The regulating entity of this Order is, which shall annually take decisions on the granting of subsidies. The maximum amount shall be equivalent to DKK 1.5 mill./year. shall decides the eligibility to receive price supplements; the deselection and resumption of subsidies; and the size and duration of subsidies for electricity production.
This Order consists of 9 Chapters: Scope and definitions (1); Subsidies for electricity produced from biogas or gasification gas produced by biomass (2); Surcharge for electricity produced by specific engines and other special electricity generation plants with biomass as an energy source (3); Surcharge for renewable energy from power generation equipment as specified in art. 47, sections 3, 9 and art. 48 of the Act on Promotion of Renewable Energy (4); Opting out and resumption of subsidies (5); Information and measurement (6); Decisions and appeals (7); Penalties (8); Entry into force (9).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
11 February 2015.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om pristill g til elektricitet fremstillet p visse solcelleanl g og andre vedvarende energianl g end vindm ller.