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Order No. 1319 on special measures to reduce consumption of antibiotics in swine herds.

Type of law

This Order applies to health advisory agreements for swine herds farmers, giving guidelines on yearly national limit of antibiotic administration. The Order applies to veterinarian authorization to administer antibiotics to swine herds and sets regulations on the national limit of medicament consumption for each of three age groups of swines which values are revised on a yearly basis by the Food and Drug Administration. Limits are given in ADD (daily standard doses) to animals according to medication database Vetstat. Limits refer to 2010-2011 period: 1 - Piglets (7-30 kg) with 28 ADD for 100 animals daily. 2 - Pigs, including gilts, of over 30 kg, except sows, gilts and boars with 8 ADD for 100 animals daily. 3 - Sows, gilts and boars with 5.2 ADD for 100 animals daily. Antibiotic consumption is calculated for cases registered Vetstat as an average over 9 months for ADD for 100 animals daily on each of the three age groups.
Appendix 1 - Elements to be included in the plan, see article 6 section 3.
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This Order enters into force on 3 December 2010.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om s rlige foranstaltninger til nedbringelse af antibiotikaforbruget i svinebes tninger