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Order No. 1603 on municipal council Natura2000 planning.

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This Order applies to the municipal council's actions with regards to setting requirements for managing water supply, including afforesting, improvement of water quality in large lakes, streams, estuaries and coastal waters. The action plan is referred to as the local Natura2000 Blueprint or "Blueprint". The municipal Blueprint does however not include exact content of agreements or decisions taken in relation to individual landowners in the implementation of its planning. In this case data errors may be found in Natura2000 action plan and the Danish Nature Agency shall be responsible for identifying such possible errors. Landowners deciding to develop a management or business plan in accordance to Natura2000 planning, must notify the municipality before the proposed plan is expired; a summary and description of management goals shall be submitted to the municipality no later than 9 months from Natura2000 planning publications. Prior to this publication, a drafted action plan should be submitted to the local council should the action plan affect coastal areas of its water district.
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12 January 2015.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om kommunalbestyrelsernes Natura 2000-handleplaner.