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Order No. 197 on production of potatoes.

Type of law

This Order establishes regulations on commercial production and sale of potatoes and sorting of potato seeds and packaging procedures. Production of potato seeds must not take place on soil utilized for waste and the distance of seeds in the soil is specified in order to avoid risks of spreading of plant disease and bacteria. Machinery and equipment serving these purposes must undergo disinfection and hygiene procedures. Surveys take place to ensure that these rules are being observed and shall be classified and approved by the Plant Directorate according to current quality standards adhering to EU regulations.
It consists of 11 Chapters and 15 Appendices: Scope and purpose (1); Authorization (2); Approval of cultivation areas (3); Criteria for potatoe production (4); Approval of production (5); Sale of potatoes (6); Farming of potatoes (7); Experiments and trials (8); Accounting and reporting (9); Administrative provisions (19); Entry into force (11).
Appendix 1 - List of Appendices.
Appendix 2 - Overview of maximum quantities of seed and conservation varieties that may be traded.
Appendix 3 - Specific requirements for the production of pre-basic micro plants and tubers as well as pre-basic mini plants and tubers.
Appendix 4 - Requirements for sorting companies for seed potatoes.
Appendix 5 - Host plants for potato cyst nematodes.
Appendix 6 - Harmful plant organisms not to be present in breeding areas.
Appendix 7 - Minimum criteria requirements in field surveys prior to approval.
Appendix 8 - Virus investigation.
Appendix 9 Breeding and sales classes for seed potatoes.
Appendix 10 - Requirements for design of plant.
Appendix 11 Packing and sealing.
Appendix 12 Quality requirement for potato seeds.
Appendix 13 - Quality standards for potatoes, including new potatoes
Appendix 14 - Requirements for the establishment and maintenance of nuclear plant collection of Solanum tuberosum for the proliferation of seed potatoes.
Appendix 15 - Criteria for pathogen testing of vegetative material originating in the EU prior to accession to the Danish potato nuclear plant collection ('Potato Nuclear Stock').
Date of text
Entry into force notes
6 March 2014.
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Bekendtg relse om avl m.v. af kartofler.