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Order No. 217 on payment of authorities administration fees pusuant Heat Supply Act.

Type of law

The Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA) charges (listed in section 2) to perform its activities pursuant the Heat Supply Act and the costs associated with establishing and operating an approved private appeal board (Board on energy) on the ratio of the heating sector shall be covered by businesses that: owns plants for the production of heat (1), whose main activity consists of the production of energy or waste incineration (2), that the total supply of heat ex works in the preceding calendar year accounted at least for 100 TJ (3); that are regulated in cooperation of DERA (4). The DERA collects payments from the companies mentioned above; there shall be no VAT on payments made however the Order does NOT apply to payments for costs associated with the establishment and operation of the Board for Appeals in the energy sector.
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Entry into force notes
15 March 2014 with validity from 1 January 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om betaling for myndighedsbehandling efter lov om varmeforsyning.