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Order No. 831 on fixed offshore installations and pipelines, construction and equipment.

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The Order sets regulations on fixed offshore installations and pipelines, construction and equipment thereof. Structures, facilities and equipment (including electrical systems, software, hardware, etc.) must be designed and arranged in order to comply with health and safety risk-prevention associated with their use and maintenance. The Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and building shall monitor trade of products applicable to these offshore installations. Combustion air and exhaust fumes shall be directed to an unclassified area and as far as possible from the offshore installation. The offshore installations shall be divided into areas according to the risk of fire and explosion, and shall adopt all necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of a potentially explosion in the atmosphere. Permanently manned offshore installations shall be provided with alarm and communication equipment and fire fighting equipment. Pressure equipment (including CE-marked equipment), pressure vessels, supervision, etc. shall adhere to EU regulations. The Danish Energy Agency oversees matters covered by this Order and shall perform all duties assigned to workplace exposure under the currently implemented laws and regulations.
This Order consists of V Sections and 2 Appendices: Introductory provisions (I); Construction (II); Interiors (III); Equipment (IV); Other Provisions (V).
Appendix 1 - Additional minimum requirements for equipment (see article 108).
Appendix 2 - Table of Contents.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om faste offshoreanl gs og r rledningers konstruktion, indretning og udstyr.