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Order No. 949 amending Order on health advisory agreements for pig herds.

Type of law

The Order partly amends Order No. 534, in particular the implementation provisions, which now read: articles 8b, 11 (sections 1, 3-4), art. 12 (sect. 3-4), art. 15, 38 (sect. 4) of Act No. 464 (LEX-FAOC133957). Art. 30 (sect. 1-2, No. 3) art. 34a (sect. 1-3) art. 47 (sect. 1) art. 51, 61 (sect. 1) art. 70 (art. 3) of Act No. 466 (LEX-FAOC133677). The Order also amends provisions regarding staff hygiene which must be applied through rooms equipped with hand washing, disinfection, clothing facilities as listed in Appendix 8, Part A. In order to prevent zoonotic diseases, a plan must be specifically designed (Infection Protection Plan) and presented for inspection at any given time. Minimum once yearly consultancy visit shall ensure the review and revision (if necessary) of staff adherence to the plan.
Appendix 1 - Prevention of zoonotic disease.
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Entry into force notes
1 September 2014. Requirement of article 1, No. 2-9 shall apply as of 1 October 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om ndring af bekendtg relse om sundhedsr dgivningsaftaler for svinebes tninger.