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Feedingstuffs Act.

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This Act provides the requirements for feedingstuffs, and for the manufacture and intermediation of feedingstuffs in order to ensure the harmlessness thereof in terms of human and animal health and to the environment, and the favourable effect thereof on animals and livestock products. For the purposes of this Act, feedingstuffs are feed materials, additives in feedingstuffs, premixtures, compound feedingstuffs, medicated feedingstuffs and certain products used in animal nutrition. A feedingstuff shall be: (a) harmless in terms of human and animal health and to the environment; (b) labelled according to the requirements; (c) in compliance with the information presented concerning such feedingstuff; and (d) in compliance with its intended purpose. Altering a feedingstuff without making corresponding alterations to the information presented concerning such feedingstuff is, for the purposes of this Act, deemed to be adulteration of feedingstuffs. Feedingstuffs shall not contain prohibited ingredients. Only those feed materials specified in the list of feed materials may be manufactured, intermediated or used. Medicated feedingstuffs may only be manufactured from those pre-mixes for medicated feedingstuffs which have been registered at the Agency of Medicines as veterinary medicinal products. Feedingstuffs shall be labelled. In labelling of feedingstuffs, information concerning the feedingstuffs shall be in Estonian and shall: (a) be clearly visible, legible and indelible; (b) describe the feedingstuff and its contents, conditions of use and purpose, and be unambiguous; and (c) enable inspection operations.
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This Act enters into force on 1 July 2002.
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