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Food Law, 1995.

Type of law

The Law sets out general rules relating to food safety, food production and the composition of food, handling of food, labelling, import and export of food, certification, inspection and testing of food. The 23 articles are divided into 5 Chapters: General Part (I); Requirements to Food, Handler and Handling (2); Organization of Food Inspection and Control (3); Responsibility for Violation of the Food Law (4); Application of the Food Law (5). Titles of Articles include: Field of Application of Law (art. 2), Composition of Food (art. 5), Handling (method of control of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)) (art.6), (Establishment of) Commission of National Food Policy (art. 11), (Establishment of) National Food Board (art. 12), Control of Food by the Handler and State Inspection (art. 17).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
please see article 23 for articles entering into force in different dates.
Serial Imprint
Unofficial publication, "Riigi Teataja", pp. 1-15.
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